indianer axe swing


Check out my new Photography Gallery:


Golden Gate Bridge... at leat a part of it. Taken from the Twin Peaks.

Golden Gate


Central Station New York is an amazing spot to take some photos.

Sa Phep Tang - New York


I just came back from New York, where I was shooting photos at the Red Bull Manny Mania World Finals.
Very nice trip and an excellent contest. Thanks Red Bull!
At the contest I saw this nice couple and I just had to capture them.


Wow... Our Sk8map App for the Iphone made it to the "App Of The Week" in Apples App Store.
I am sooo stoked about this!!!!

"App Of The Week" - Banner with Simon Stricker


In Berkley we skated the DIY Skatepark underneath the highway bridge. It looked quiet appocalyptic to me, when someones belongings were deposited on the street.

Someones apartment


The last 3 weeks I was travelling thru the US and Canada with Simon Stricker. While shooting a trick, 2 Homeless guys walked by and tried to sell us some Skateboards. After the session I went look for them to shoot some Portraits.

Homeless Guy


Red Bull hired me to shoot this years Red Bull Manny Mania. The Swiss Final was held in the Transportation Museum in Luzern.
Before the contest started I shot this Pic of Chregi Zemp This photo is the opener of the Contest Article in Whiteout Skateboard Mag.

Chregi Zemp - Nollie BS Tailslide


This is what happens when I am left alone with the kids ;-)

Amy Victoria Schweingruber


Jan Hofer got some fame in a US Web Zine and I had the pleasure to provide one small shot to his Interview.

Jan Hofer - Switch Flip over Rail


Just found out today, that I have the honour of providing the cover for the new Whiteout Magazine.

Timmy Krauer - Ollie


Last week I was shooting an old friends soccer team. First timer for everybody involved :-)

FC Phoenix Seen


The weather this weekend was just nice to go out and shoot some photos. There was still snow in the bowl but who cares about snow on the ground when you can fly?

Fabio Martin aka Shorty - FS Air transfer - St. Gallen


Today, one year ago!

San Diego by night


This Post is for Carlo Nef, who's reguarly getting back in my page to check for updates.
Since I'm not very good in updating my page, he got here hunderts of times, leaving dissapointed not finding any news.
Carlo is an excellent photographer. So check out his work:

Carlos Nef - FS Crook - Baden 05


Finally my guestbook is working!
So please be my guest and leave a comment or any suggestions.

cheers Soerfi

Martin Gustafsson - Frontside Ollie - Barcelona


Neon glowing jelly fish and toddlers are nice objects to shoot photos.

Amy Victory vs. jelly fish


Picture this!
Red Bull Illume photo contest
22'764 photos from 4337 photographers from 112 different countries.
And my photo made it to the semi-finals!
From the 250 semi finalist photos only 50 (5 of each category) will get into the finals and those 50 shots will be presented to the public on the 31st of August at Trinity College in the centre of Dublin. I would be blown away if my pic would be there. Wish me luck!!!


Today I had the honor to shoot some portraits with Tony Hawk. Seems to be a nice guy.

Tony Hawk


Wow. This is pretty big for me! Poweredge Magazine, one of the big 3 Skate Mag from the 90's resurrected and I had the honor to shoot the Cover for their 3 issue!

Henrique Concalves - Flip - Red Bull AAA Jungfraujoch


At one of my best friends big day I collected some experiences as a wedding photographer.

Andi and his lovely bride!


The little one is growing fast...

Amy Victoria Schweingruber


I just came back from the ASR trade show in San Diego. Lucky that I brought my camera to shoot the best trick contest, that was held at the Crossroads Show. There was this slightly oververt bowlcorner quarterpipe, with this sweet little shark painted on it.

Backside Noseblunt from ???


Jamie Thomas is the guy behind the Crossroads Skate Trade Show.

Jamie Thomas


Happy New Year to everybody!

We had the best room in singapore to enjoy the firework!


Another Red Bull Access All Areas (AAA) was about to happen. This time we were shooting on Top of Europe at the Jungfraujoch (3600 m.ü.M). 5 Skaters were chosen to join this extra ordanary skatetrip to the mountains.Check out the next Blackout Magazine for the full Article and check back on my page for some more photos.

Sandro Diaz - Mack McKelton - Sven Kilchenmann - Henrique Concalves - Simon Stricker


Simon Stricker after the AAA Event on the Jungfraujoch.

Simon Stricker


Just kidding around in the studio with my older one.

Ava Naomi Schweingruber


I am very proud to annouce the birth of our 2nd baby girl.
Amy Victoria Schweingruber. She was born at 23:44 at the 18th of September in the Lindberg Hospital in Winterthur/Switzerland.
Amy was born with a weight of 2820g and the length of 47cm.


The Blacout Nr. 6 is online now. check it out:

Jan Solenthaler - Pop Shuvit - Chur


Blackout Nr. 6 is out. Check it out at your skate store!
In this issue I was able to provide some shots for the Fam Biz report, the gallery, the "Schuppi" check out and Vans bowl contest.

Seve von Ow - BS Nosebluntslide into bank - Uster


After a long time now, I found some time to update one of the galleries. Please check the publications/magazines

Ramon Hungerbühler - FS Crook - Perth / Australia


Check out the new Kingpin Magazine. I had the chance to shoot the new Carhartt Ad with Jan Solenthaler. The Ad will be used allover europe the next couple of month.

Carhartt Ad - Jan Solenthaler - Fullpipe


The new Playboard magazine is out now. Get it in your local skate shop and check out Simon Stricker's Interview. Simon has some rad stuff in it and I provided 2 shots on his 7 pages.

Sunday afternoon on the countryside - Simon Stricker nosebluntslide 12


This years Vans Bowl contest was held in Tessin, the Italian part of Switzerland and i was hired to shoot the event. The locals painted the bowl in a sweet blue the day before the contest and it was such a nice thing to shoot this event. props to the artists who painted this masterpiece of art.

crail tailslide dodging the tentacles


For so many years I was standing strong. But after all those years resisting the trends and going thru a lot of bullying and shame i got tired swimming against the current of the modern world and I finally gave in.
On the 20th of June 2009 black became white and i bought myself a Macintosh Computer.


Today I had a great opportunity to shoot a Fashion/Skate shooting for Friday Magazine, the weekly fashion Mag from 20 Minuten. We went to the Black Cross Bowl in Basel. It was my biggest set so far. You can check the mag next Friday, the 4th of July, allover Switzerland.
At this spot, I'd like to thank Creager for his excellent work as my assistent on this day: check:


Finally I found some time to set up my studio in our "new" house. Ava volunteered to be my model tonight. After fixing my board she went for a short ride.

my first daughter, my first skateboard


Simon Stricker's Interview in Playboard should be in stores soon. On a mission to shoot the last tricks for his interview we went to look for spots in the east of Switzerland. On the country side we found this sweet uprail and a huge 12 stair handrail. Check out his interview to get blown away how Simon killed the 12 stair rail. btw. Simon pulled the trick exaclty in the same minute as Roger Federer won his 14th Grand Slam and push the French Open Cup in the air! I think both guys were writing Swiss history in the same minute.

Simon Stricker - FS Bluntslide transfer - just for fun


Today I hust found out, that Transworld Skateboarding took 2 of my photos for the Jordan Hoffart Web Interview!
I'm stoked!
check out:

my first shots in TWS


Check out the new 7th Sky! Jan Solenthaler got the cover and a double full page of a sweet heelflip to fakie that we shot a while ago in Baden.


Not much of shooting is happening these weeks, since I'm very busy with work. And after work I love to stay at home and spend time with my family.
Our baby girl Ava is growing fast and she's already walking like a big Lady.
She was bringning out her baby for a stroll in our garden.


The online version of the newest Blackout is available. check out the mag!

I got some shot's in it. I feel kind of guilty because in the slam article, half of the injured guys where on the road shooting with me, when they had their injury.
Just to let you know: Everybody is back on the board and healthy like nothing ever happened.

Patrick Hefti Nosegrinding a truck in the Gallery section


Wow, it's a long time since I had the chance to shoot photos, but the easter weekend is every year a good chance to skate some spots you usually get busted and to collect some nice shots. Today I traveled to Chur to shoot with , Flavio Zimmermann, Sven Moser, Moris Freiburghaus, Dino Brandao and Jan Solenthaler. After all a very successfull day with some pretty rad shots.

Dino - BS Lipslide - Chur


Just another shot of our baby girl. she's only 13 month old but already posing for photos lika a model.




Finally! this weekend I found some time to update my page!
All the galleries contain additional new shots and a new navigation! you can watch all the shot in full screen mode now and relax watching the gallery as a slideshow!!!
check them out!

Simon Stricker - FS Bluntslide - Bülach


Benno and Martin from Leech Redda Records hired me today to shoot photos for the LP Cover of a limited edition Chuck Ragan Live Album. It was recorded at the famous Hafenkneipe in Zürich. The Concert was amazing and i was able to shoot some nice photos. Soon this limited Album will be available
check out:


Since today, the Linked Mag with my portfolio is online. Linked Mag is a Web Mag, powered by Puzzle Video Magazine!
check it out:


Actually we're back in Singapore already, enjoying the rest of our family holidays.
Back in Perth, I went to skate and shoot some pics with Ramon Hungerbühler. He'll be staying in Australia until end of february. Party on!

Ramons BS Overcrooks look sick!


Wow, Christmas in T-Shirt, Shorts, and Sandals is just great!
I just came back from a sweet Miniramp Session at the Subiaco Mini. On our honeymoon trip to Perth, 2 years and a few kilos earlier, I was skating the same ramp exactly on the the same day.
Today Ava experienced her first X-Mas. She's just too sweet!

Ava is checking if Santa Claus missed the house


We're in Perth now!
Coincidently, Ramon Hungerbühler is staying near Perth these days. After X-mas, we'll meet up to shoot some skate photos!
until then Ava is model no.1!

not even one year old and she loves shoes already!


Today i went for a walk with my family thru the Singapore rain forest and we saw this white tiger relaxing on the rock. We played with him for a while and Ava was even riding on his back.
Naaah. Of course not!
This Tiger shot was taken in the Singapore Zoo.
Just a couple of weeks ago, a guard throu himself with a bag over his head, in front of the this Tiger. The guard was eaten alive while people were watching. Scary, but still very impressive and beatiful animal!

White Tiger - Digesting the guard


Since the 7th of december I'm in Singapore for holiday. I try to shoot some skateshot with my local friends here. Until then I'll capture some nice shots of our sweet daughter who's growing and progressing incredible fast.

Ava spying on her Grandfather


Finally I'm back with news!
Due to technical difficulties I wasn't able to update the News on my Page. Thanks to Roman, my "IT Hero" I'll be now able to update from everywhere I want. Sweeeet! Thanks Roman!


The Publications Gallery has been updated today. Check it out!


With the strong believe that today will be the last day of this year to shoot photos with leaves on the trees, we went for a mission to St. Gallen in the eastern part of Switzerland. Jan Solenthaler, Simon Stricker, Alex Knoblauch and the local, Elias Büess joined me on the quest for some autumn photos. First spot, the youth hostel, would have been perfect for sweet shots but after warming up, the owners were not pleased with our actions. Bust!. We had to continue our journey and headed toward Rorschach, where we found a nice spot to enjoy the last sun beams of the day.

Jan Solenthaler - warm up boardslide - St. Gallen


Today, I went for a family outing with my 2 special ladies. I am such a lucky bastard!!!

Ava Naomi and Sharon Schweingruber


I was hired to design the new indoor Skatepark in Zürich. In a couple of weeks they ill start building this piece and the big opening supposed to be on the 12th of November. Let me know what you think about the Park on my guestbook. I'll be happy for everybody's feedback! check the animation and the new skateparks section with some pics of the park.

Animation of the Freestyle Halle Zürich


Vans hired me to cover this years "off the Bowl" contest in St. Gallen. Micky Iglesias, one of my favorite Miniramp Skaters won the contest and took home 2.5k I took home this nice shot of this 5-0 to fakie on the needles head.

Micky Iglesias - 5-0 to fakie - Saint City


Once again shooting a gap with Simon Stricker. Simon got tons of ideas and skills. That's why he can jump down this gap with a one foot ollie for fun!
For all the Playstation Kids - it's called one foot ollie and not ollie north!!! I still think, skaters should name their tricks and not Activision programmers!

Simon Stricker - one foot ollie - Zürich Airport


Seve von Ow and I are working on Seve's Interview in the December Issue of
Playboard Magazine. Today we went out to shoot some Gap-action.

Seve von Ow - warm-up Kickflip - Graveyard Gap Winterthur


One shot of the Minisession a while ago made its way up to be the covershot, Flyer and the Poster of the Project 008 Movie. World Premiere, 04.10.2008 in Basel.


Since 6 weeks i live with my family on the countryside. Great location with a nice view! specially during thunder storms!

view from our balcony - hell broke loose this night - sweeeet!


SigSagSug has some new Teamriders! On the Teamday, we went to Biel, were Stricki won the Volcom Wild in the Park Contest. Free Trip to Amsterdam, Hell yeah! After the Contest we went shooting some Streetfotos at the infamous Rolex Spot. Almost got a 1000.- ticket from the Security!

SigSagsug- Skate Team: Michel Müller - Stefan Grujik - Marco Zimmermann - Seve von Ow - Simon Strick


Our sweet daughter Ava-Naomi turned 7 month today.

her Tee says: Ava-Naomi #1 - true!


Red Bull makes it possible! AAA (Access All Areas) events are a dream to skateboarders. Finally to skate a spot were you're not allowed to skate or skate a location were nobody is permitted. We had the chance to Skate the NEAT Tunnel. The world longest tunnel (57km) is still under construction. This was a once in a lifetime chance to skate this location.
If you have any suggestions for a possible AAA location send em a email!
check: to see the footage. coming soon.

Monir is FS Boardsliding this Barrier, before we dodged daylight for a couple of hours.Safety first!


This Weekend we were in Basel to shoot the last sequences for the Project 008 Skatefilm. 4 Riders, 1 Miniramp, a lot of equipment and a hand full of staff were on location to turn night into day and skate from dusk till dawn. See the full report in Blackout and Playboard. And watch the movie when it's out, early October.

Iouri Podlatschnikov - Backside Lipslide - Fireproof


I don't think I have to tell how proud I am of my daughter. One smile of here makes my day. Today Ava turned 5 month already. Time flies!

Ava Naomi Schweingruber


Photosession in Oerlikon with Simon Stricker und Kilian Zender. After a couple of minutes of unsuccessfull tries to land a BS Nollie Flip. Simon put the business "ad acta" and bended his knees to a tuck knee for Fun. Next stop was a new spot in a residential area where Simon got in to a hassle with a senior citicen because he tried to grab Simons board.

Skateboarding is Fun - Simon Stricker -Tuck Knee


Weekend - time to shoot photos. On this Mission Seve von Ow, Simon Stricker, Patrick Hefti and Kilian Zender were on a hunt for Spots. The hunt ended up in running away from the rain with a couple of minutes headstart for each spot. Buttikon - Pfäffikon and Zürich.

Seve von Ow is not singing in the rain!


On more time I had the chance to shoot on a set, where JD Pictures was filming a Music Clip for an Arist. This time Marco Lutz was shooting for the Swiss Artist: Nunzio la Vecchia, a multi talent, with a bright future. He's not only a musician, he's also a successful racecar driver, a pilot and a very succesful physicist with his own Lab in Zürich. I was more than impressed on his work on a new kind of solar cells.

Nunzio la Vecchia at the Villa St. Charles in Meggen


The european Vans Team was here in Winterthur on Monday and there was a nice Streetsession at the Sidewalk Bump next to Block going on until the cops where chasing us away. This session was by far the sickest session on that spot. You'll see more about the Vans Roll with us tour in one of the next issues of Kingpin.

Chris Pfanner - ready to race at the indoor-cart track in the Block Skatepark.


Since 1 quarter of the visitors on my page are not german speaking and some people emailed me that they have no clue what i was writing, i decided to switch the news section to english. One has to forgive me for my poor english but I'll try my best.
This sunday we were shooting in Zurich with Kilian Zender and his friends at Puls 5 when half of the Safari-Gang showed up. It ended up in a great Session and i was able to get get some sweet sequences from Patrick Hefti.

Kilian Zender - 14 years - backlip


Das Blackout #3 ist endlich in allen guten Shops erhältlich. Ich konnte sehr viele Bilder einbringen und bin super stoked über das Resultat. Max Henschel hat sich ums Layout gekümmert und wie man's von Max erwartet, hat er einen super Job gemacht!
Cover, Vans Poster, Ad, Stricki Interview und Gallery Shots konnte ich beisteuern. Also holt euch das Teil oder lädt es runter:

Covershot - Simon Stricker Nosebluntslide - Unirail


Ich wurde spontan von Red Bull als Fotograf aufgeboten um mit Youri Podlatschnikov und Markus Keller nach Monaco zum Formel 1 Grand Prix zu fahren und ein paar Bilder zu schiessen. Die einmalige Gelegehheit liess ich mir natürlich nicht entgehen. Wir hatten die besten Plätze für's Rennen und bekamen VIP Pässe mit denen wir in die Boxengasse durften! Auch obwohl ich überhaupt nicht der F1 Fan bin, war es eineindrückliches und einmaliges Wochenende. Danke Flo, Danke Steve, Danke Red Bull!

David Coulthard s F1 Wagen


Sorry, meine Page war für ein paar Tage down. Den Grund dafür ist mir nicht genau klar. Hab jetzt halt den Host gewechselt und es sollte in Zukunft wieder einwandfrei funktionieren. Leider sind mir alle Guestbook Einträge verloren gegangen, also bitte tragt euch nochmals ein. Ich freu mich über jedes feedback!
Sign the Guestbook!!!

Bones rules - biiiiigtime!!!


Jordan Hoffart ist ganz klar einer der besten und motiviertesten Skater auf diesem Planeten. Er ist ein Stehaufmännchen! Er steckt die härtesten Slams ein, aber rappelt sich gleich wieder hoch um den Trick nochmals zu machen.

Die Weltberühmten Techbanks in Winterthur forderten ihren Tribut.


Heute waren wir mit den Bones Jungs in St. Gallen im neuen Park.
Danach gabs (k)eine Session am 8er Rail. Der Abwart machte uns einen Strich durch die Rechnung und organisierte die Polizei, welche unsere Personalien für eine eventuelle Busse aufnahm.

Wolfi + Lisa


Dieses Pfingstwochenende zeige ich dem Amerkinischen Bones Team ein wenig die Schweiz. Jordan Hoffart, John Motta, Jimmy Cao, Dallas Rockvam, Jared Lucas der Teammanager und Matt Price der Skateboard Mag Photograph sind super motiviert und freuen sich auf die Demo morgen in St. Gallen. Ein paar Bilder seht ihr schon bald wieder hier auf meiner HP.

John Motta - Extreme Microscootering


Mit dem Ziel 3 Fotos an Spots zu schiessen an dem noch nie jemand ein Foto geschossen hat, war ich mit Simon Stricker ein paar Stunden unterwegs. Das Wetter war auf unserer Seite - Mission erfüllt!

Simon Stricker - Crooks mit Blick auf Bülach


Endlich hat es sich wiedermal ergeben dass ich mit Seve von Ow ein paar Bilder schiessen konnte. Erst waren wir in Zürich und schossen eine Sequenz von einem switch Flip backside tailslide flip out. Danach gings an einen perfekten Fotospot um noch ein paar Stills in den Kasten zu bringen.

Seve von Ow


Am Wochenende war ich wieder mal mit Stricki, Dino, Henrique und den Bülachern Jungs unterwegs. Wie immer gab einen Hammer nach dem anderen. Der Frühling ist definitiv hier! Zufälligerweise trafen wir noch Stefan Bircher beim Bahnhof Wipkingen. Stefan präsentierte stolz seinen neuen Töff. Hab die Marke schon wieder vergessen, war aber glaub ein Puch Maxi, oder ein Condor. Der Töff sah jedenfalls lässig aus und der Stefan natürlich auch.

Marlboro oder Harley Davidson Man - Stefan Bircher - keiner von beiden


Nach dem Heldentaten von Stricki am Unirail können sich immer mehr Leute motivieren den Rail auch mal zu skaten. Stefan Willi und Jan Solenthaler versuchten dieses Wochenende ihr Glück. Das Unterfangen blieb leider recht erfolglos und es wurde hart eingesteckt. They'll be back!

Stefan Willi


Letztes Wochenender war sehr "Produktiv". Erst waren wir mit Jan Solenthaler, Sebi El Idrisi und Robin Fischer in Dietikon unterwegs und danach gabs ein sehr spezielles Shooting für das Sk8shop Ad im Blackout. Lasst euch überraschen und seht das Resultat im nächsten Blackout .

Sebi El Idrisi - Crooked Grind


Ava Naomi Schweingruber


Heute war ich mit den Thuner Kids in Aadof und Winterthur. Eyal, Lior, Robert und Benni nahmen den weiten Weg auf sich um ein Stufen Set in Aadorf zu skaten. Nach Anfangschwierigkeiten wurde Eyal auf einmal produktiv und liess sich danach ein wenig hängen... ;-)

Eyal hängt ein wenig am Spot rum...


Heute war ich mit den 2 Mavericks Teamridern Adi Good und Colin Wehrli auf Photo-Mission. Ziel 1 Shot für ein Ad im nächsten Blackout.
War ein erfolgreicher Start in die Sommerzeit!

Adi Good - Fronside Salad


War am Samstag mit Jan Solenthaler, Sebi El Idrisi, Ryo Hügglin, Adi und Demian in Baden unterwegs. Erst BBB Curbspot, dann zum Stauwehr. Hammer Photospot! Der einzige Hacken ist, dass man bei nicht erfolgreicher Landung des Tricks dem Board besser ein paar "Flügeli" montiert. Jan machte das nicht! Bilanz: minus 1 Board

Jan Solenthaler - hier noch mit Board


Endlich ist es soweit...
Ich hab mir heute die Nikon D3 bestellt! Sollte ab Montag mit dem neuen Flagship von Nikon unterwegs sein. Falls jemand Interesse an einer D2x, einem Nikkor 10.5mm/2.8 DX oder einem 24-70mm/2.8 DX hat, soll sich doch bei mir melden.


Nach einer vollen woche Grippe pur bin in endlich wieder am arbeiten. Das Osterwochenende war ja sowieso scheiss Wetter. Hab also nichts verpasst.
Ostern vor einem Jahr:
Das erste Fotos welches ich von Eyal Maman geschossen habe - aber sicher nicht das letzte.

Eyal Maman - 12 year old - Kickflip


War am Wochenende wieder ein paar Fotos schiessen. Samstag war Traumhaftes Wetter und Simon Stricker und ich waren auf einer Odysse um einen "lässigen" Spot für ein Foto zu finden. Nach erfolglosen Stops in Freienstein, Embrach, Kloten und Oerlikon, landeten wir bei Uniterasse in Züri. Die 12er wirkte "anmächelig" auf Stricki und er schmiss sich mit dem üblichen "gar nicht mal so hart" ein paar mal die Stufen runter. Beim letzten Versuch den Trick nochmals zu stehen (ist ja klar ist es der letzte) machte sich Simi so ein überflüssiges Band an seinem Fuss kapputt und musste das Feld räumen. Am Donnerstag fliegt er mit ein paar Freunden zum ersten mal nach Bareclona. "Fuss wird schon wieder bis dahin" meint er optimistisch.

kleiner Simon - grosse Stufen


Bin grad zurück von einer lustigen Session in Aarau. Mit von der Partie war Monir Salihi, Jan Solenthaler, Simon Stricker, Sebi El Idrisi, Ryo Hüglin und ein paar andere Jungs aus Basel. Aarau ist crazy! Am Sonntag Nachmittag wird in guter alter Balkan Manier die Karre geputzt und mit übelsten Old School Techno in der Altstadt spazieren gefahren. Natürlich Fenster unten und mit mindestens 120 dB Sound, 3-4 mal am Starbucks vorbei. Die Karre zeigen und auffallen... Lustige Menschen gibt es!

Jan Solenthaler - Warm-up - Fakie Ollie


Gallery Update:
Hab die Fotos vom Celina Video Dreh "lösch meine Nummer" in die Jobs Gallery geladen. Marco Lutz hat das Video für FourMusic produziert und ich durfte ein bisschen am Set rumknipsen.
Link direkt zur Gallery
und hier das Video:


Wollte nur mal darauf aufmerksam machen, dass wir in Solothurn an der Realisierung eines Skateparks arbeiten. Die Weichen sind gestellt und wir hoffen, dass die Sache schon bald so richtig in Rollen kommt. Für Feedback und Anregungen bin ich dankbar. Diese können im Guestbook geposted werden.


Unsere Tochter Ava wird immer grösser und grösser. Sie hat jetzt auch schon den ersten Fototermin bei mir im Studio hinter sich ;-)

Ava Naomi Schweingruber "I got framed!"


Sonntag war eine Video Mission angesagt um noch ein paar Tricks für Strickers District Part zu filmen: Herr Stricker vs. the Unirail
Simon kann da nur sagen:
Veni, vidi, vici - ich kam, sah, siegte!
Shenton und Patrick Hefti klatschen Beifall.
Hier ist nur ein kleines Appetithäppchen.

Simon Stricker - warm-up - lipslide


Letztes Wochende war ja Wettertechnisch der Hammer. Im T-Shirt bei 16° skaten und das Ende Februar. Da soll einer noch behaupten es gäbe kein "global warming". Naja, ich war am Samstag auf jeden Fall mit Jan Solenthaler, Robin Fischer und Sebi El Idrisi in Zürich unterwegs. Das Ergebnis seht ihr im nächsten Black Out. Hier ein kleines "Zückerli"

Robin Fischer - BS Nollie Heeler


War heute seit langem wieder mal auf einer Foto-Mission. Eyal Maman,
Marco Zimmermann, Colin Wehrli und Robert Bowers trotzten der Kälte
in der Region Freienstein.

Robert Bowers - Kickflip into Bank - Freienstein


Da ich momentan leider keine Zeit habe um zu fotografieren, stöbere ich ab und zu in meinem Archiv rum. Da hab ich mal wieder was leckeres gefunden, das die Öffentlichkeit noch nicht gesehen hat...
Heute vor 4 Jahren sind wir übers Wochenende nach Genf gefahren und Monir hat diesen FS Bluntslide am bekannten Genfer Rail gemacht. Verdammt, ist das wirklich schon wieder 4 Jahre her... Monir' still rippin'!

Monir - FS Bluntslide - Geneva


Auf Grund diverser Anfragen ob es noch mehr Fotos von Ava gibt, hab ich ein paar wenige auserwählte Fotos zusammengestellt.

Ava Naomi Schweingruber


Travel Gallery - Red Bull Skateshot in Shanghai ist online

Shanghai Skyline - Tallest Building of the world under construction


Das Guestbook sollte jetzt einwandfrei funktionieren.
Momentan Ist eine sehr ereignissreiche Zeit, da ich jetzt ja Papi bin. Zur Info: Kind, Mutter und Papi sind wohlauf.


Nach 9 monatiger Wartezeit war es heute endlich soweit. Das schönste Baby der Welt wurde heute um 14:40 in der Klinik Lindberg in Winterthur geboren.
Ava Naomi Schweingruber
2770g und 46cm pure Liebe

Ava Naomi Schweingruber


Bin immernoch an der HP am arbeiten und probier täglich die Galleries auszubauen.
übrigens: checkt unbedingt den Shanghai Artikel im Blackout #2 mit Ramon Hungerbühler, Monir Salihi und Ivo Schneiter. Die drei haben ja in Istanbul das Finale vom Red Bull Skateshot gewonnen und der 1. Preis war ein Trip nach Shanghai. Ich durfte die Drei als Fotograf, Guide und Babysitter begleiten. Na was soll ich sagen? ...wir hatten richtig Spass bei den Chinesen..!

Monir, Ramon, Yvo in Shanghai


Hallo wieder mal auf meiner Homepage...

Jahre ist es her seitdem ich Updates und Neuigkeiten versprochen habe! War mir jedesmal richtig peinlich, wenn mich jemand darauf angesprochen hat. Jetzt ist es endlich soweit und ich hab mir die nötigen Kenntnisse angeeignet, meine HP selber zu aktualisieren. Also schaut wieder vermehrt rein, diesmal sollte es mit den Updates wirklich klappen... und falls nicht, bleibt halt alles beim alten ;-)

Also hier sollten immerwieder ein paar News und Fotos von den aktuellsten Shootings geposted werden.

©ivo schneiter


sorficom photography